A new opportunity

Map of my Kingdom
Annie Chapman Brewer
Land Transition

Map of my Kingdom, commissioned by Practical Farmers of Iowa, explores the issue of farmland transition.

Annie Chapman Brewer, while participating in an AgArts farm-to-artist residency, composed River House on the Prairie, featuring solo horn with wildlife accompaniment. Annie Chapman Brewer was honored by the International Alliance for Women in Music, named as a winner in the 2023 Search for New Music competition.

A Land Transition program brings together Brewer’s live performance with the award-winning video production of Mary Swander’s drama, Map of my Kingdom, along with an optional discussion of land transition.

For additional information on Map of my Kingdom, click here.

To hear Annie Chapman Brewer performing River House on the Prairie and read about her 2023 award, click here.

For more information or to book the program, email Janine at touringSWP@gmail.com.