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Botanical Line Drawing I: Online Class

Have you ever wished you could capture the beauty of nature in a drawing? This online class offers you a chance to learn!

Turning a single line into something beautiful is easier than you think! Whether you are interested in creating beautiful nature drawings, whimsical doodles, or sketches for plant identification this class offers tools to get you there. Learn the basics of line, shape, pattern, design and layout to construct a drawing in your own personal style.

The line drawings you create can be just the beginning of a endless creative process. Add color, shading, collage, or printing to make a simple drawing into a captivating new image. Keep an eye out for future classes on these skills!

Class instructor, Anna Geyer, was raised on a farm in a home full of art. For this class she combines her passion for nature and her love of drawing. She is also the founder of Land Alliance Folk School.

This online class is sponsored by Land Alliance Folk School and by AgArts, a non-profit designed to imagine and promote a healthy food system through the arts. REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS

Poetry Writing with Mary Swander: Online Class

How do you process life’s beauty & struggle? Join us for an online poetry writing class with nationally acclaimed poet Mary Swander.

In this workshop, Mary Swander will explore two core components of poetry: imagery and metaphor. We’ll ask: How do these figures of speech engage the reader from the beginning, hold her attention throughout, and transform the meaning of the poem? We’ll write short individual poems in class to practice precision and control. Come prepared to be inspired to have better control in your poetry and at the same time, enjoy the fun of projecting your imagination onto the page.
Sponsored by AgArts and Land Alliance Folk School. REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS

Swander Woman Productions

August 2019 – July 2020 touring schedule. No touring currently due to safety guidelines related to covid 19. For a presentation for your virtual event, contact

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