Farm Legacy Letter

November 26, 2019

A template. A letter to share with your heirs to start a conversation on the future of your farmland.



To my future generations:

SECTION 1: The farm basics, “Nuts and Bolts”

My farm is               acres located:

I have owned the farm since:

Enterprises on the farm include:

We used to raise these enterprises on the farm:

My farm has changed over the years in the following ways:

SECTION 2: Strongest memories and events, “The Heart and Soul”

My strongest memories of the farm are:

I remember best these sights/smells/sounds/touches/tastes:

These events stand out as particularly important about the farm:

SECTION 3: Goal setting, “Vision for the Future”

My number one goal for my farmland is:

This is my very top goal because:

The following goals are also my priorities (although not my top goal):

These are important goals for me because:

SECTION 4: Conclusion, “Parting Gifts”

It is important that my farm is managed like this:

30 years from now, I want people to remember this about my farm:

Lastly, I want to leave you with this information:

Signed: _________________________________________


Thanks to Swander Woman Productions and Practical Farmers of Iowa.,